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Pathways to Harmony

Courses offered at Pathways

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Pathways to Harmony offers all levels of Reiki training and attunement.  Detailed descriptions of the subject matter and benefits of each class can be found by clicking on the course title in the menu on the left.

Reiki I (8 hours):  the student who successfully completes this course is an attuned practitioner and is ready to provide Reiki sessions for themselves and others.

Reiki II
(8 hours):  Upon successful completion of Reiki II training, the student is attuned to activate the use of the sacred Reiki symbols in their sessions, enhancing the energy flow, and is also able to provide distance and past/future healing.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) (8 hours):  Upon successful completion of the ART level, the student is attuned to the Usui Master symbol, understands the basics of the attunement process, is knowledgeable of how to enhance Reiki sessions with crystals and gemstones, is introduced to their Reiki spirit guides, and becomes competent in Reiki Aura Clearing ("Psychic Surgery").

Reiki Master Training (16 hours):  Upon successful completion of the Master Level, the student is attuned to additional Tibetan sacred symbols, learns how to attune new practitioners at all levels, learns how to perform a healing attunement for a client, learns how to perform self-attunements, learns the proper use and meaning of the different forms of the Antahkarana to amplify Reiki energy, learns how to structure classes to teach Reiki, and is certified as a Reiki teacher at all levels.

Reiki I and II are commonly combined into a two day intensive class.

Reiki ART and Master training are commonly combined into a three day intensive class.