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Gifts to you from Pathways to Harmony

Feel free to download any of the files listed here with the understanding that they are provided for your own personal use and growth.  All content is the copyrighted property of Pathways to Harmony and cannot be reproduced, altered, or republished without our express written permission (which is quite easy to get - just ask!).

Simply right click each link and save the file to your system.

New! Pathways to Harmony 2 sided tri-fold color Quick Guide to Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others: This is a very handy guide for any Reiki practitioner to keep at their fingertips, especially those just starting out who might need a little help remember the standard treatment protocol.

Pathways to Harmony 2 sided tri-fold color Reiki Brochure (pdf)

Pathways to Harmony 1 page Reiki handout (pdf)

Pathways Reiki I Class Guided Meditation (mp3):  This is an original meditation, with both the narration and music written and performed by Bob.  Instruments used are Bob's elk hide hand drum which he made at a workshop this summer, Tibetan hand chimes purchased in a small shop in Greenwich Village on an NYC visit, a rain stick that was a gift from Bob's parents from a trip to Venezuela, a Didgeridoo purchased on Bearskin Neck in Rockport MA on a winter getaway, and a High Spirits Odell Borg Walnut flute purchased at The Teepee in Cherry Valley NY.  All have special meaning and memories.

Check back often for more content.

*Some of these files are presented in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to view the PDF files.  This is a free download from Adobe.