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See what our clients and students have to say about us...

"Wonderful experience - a life changer! So enjoyed being with everyone in the class and our teachers!" - Sally A. - Level II Student

"This was amazing! You guys had such a great way of explaining everything. I appreciated the extra time you spent after class speaking with me. This was an amazing experience which put you in touch with energies and parts of yourself you didn't know existed." - Adrienne F. - Level II Student

"I had no idea what to expect. This was awesome. I appreciate how you guys made everything understandable! Great, very enlightening, different than anything I'd done before!" - Adrienne F. - Level I Student

"Excellent explanations, wonderful, informative, lively" - Carolyn B. - Level I Student

"Loved the hands on practice. Knowledgeable, hands on, great class!" - Jamie R. - Level II Student

"I felt safe asking any questions, not self conscious. Healing, empowering. Allows me to be a more effective servant." - Marie C. - Level II Student

"I highly recommend it - for your own spiritual opening" - name withheld by request. - Level II Student

"Very exciting!" - Cecilia V. - Level I Student

"Wonderful, warm. 1st time I offered Reiki to anyone - hard to describe but I feel different and in a positive way." - Sally A. - Level I Student

"Interesting and fulfilling." - Jamie R. - Level I Student

"Good experience, Peaceful, Empowering" - Marie C. - Level I Student

"Enjoyable, good atmosphere, good people" - name withheld by request - Level I Student

"Answers to all questions weren't just research (book) but personal experience." - Patrick D. - Level II Student

"Awesome spiritual awakening like no other!" - Patrick D., Level II Student

"Enlightening - very thorough explanations of the symbols and their uses. Positive attitude. They (Bonnie and Bob) truly love their craft. - Katie G., Level II Student

"An energizing experience that left me feeling more grounded and open to the energy of Reiki." - Christy D., Level II Student

"Helpful, relaxing." - Rebecca C., Level I Student

"Very spiritual, enlightening." - Sybil D., Level I Student

"A good thing to know and use." - Paul B., Level I Student

"Worth taking the class, recommend highly." - Cheryl H., Level I Student

"They (Bonnie and Bob) both had such passion. It was wonderful." - Candee W., Level I Student

"The class gave me a better understanding of what Reiki is and can do!" -Christy D., Level I Student

"I feel I made tremendous progress" - L. Kuber, Level II Student

"I honestly can't think of anything constructive to say. Thank you both for being so warm and so approachable. I am so thankful and blessed to have you as my Masters." - Marlene U, Level II Student

"I am so glad I was able to have the opportunity to take the Reiki course with you and Bonnie. I have been looking for a class for a year but nothing felt right than you guys opened up this one at Venture Inward (were I have already been attached) so that was when I felt this one was the right one." - C. Smith, Level I Student

"I can't even put in to words how much I enjoyed the class, and how AMAZING I feel.  I've already invested in a massage table, and I'm ready to go!  I'm going to practice on friends and family ....I want them to feel amazing too!...You can definately count me in for level II!" - M. Ullman, Level I Student

"You all have to leave right favorite Reiki guy is here!" - Hospice patient giving instructions to her visitors even though Bob offered to come back any time, name withheld for privacy reasons

"...Thank you from the bottom of my heart for one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime! It is truly a gift I will share at every opportunity." - P.Lewis, Level I Student

"Funny thing is I guess I really have only heard about Reiki within the past year but FEEL like I have known about it my whole life. I think I have just always had a healer's mind set but couldn't begin to really manifest it to it's fullest until now." - C. Smith, Level I Student

"When we got to the surgery room they said they were going to try it laprascopically.  The surgery was successful, his incession was only 2", and it wasn't major surgery.  So thank you for your help!!  Hugs!!" - K. Barnes, following up on a distance healing request

"I have felt W O N D E R F U L since the class and am looking forward to this "new" part of my life.  I believe that I was so anxious and open to this that it has added to my happiness! I can't thank you two enough for the wonderful gift that you have shared with me.  I "practiced" a little on my daughter the other day.  She had my first grandchild two weeks ago and her feet were still a little swollen, the day after the little mini treatment, her feet were way down.  This is such a great feeling to be able to channel this energy to bring comfort to others, especially for our Hospice patients!" - B. Milano, Level I Student

"Since then (the level I class), I have been slowly reading the book and practicing self Reiki every day.  I have had no ill effects or unpleasant side effects.  I am sleeping better (which has been an issue for various reasons) but what I’ve noticed most is a sense of calmness and a much greater awareness of being in the present.  I love it!" - M. DeMay, Level I Student

"...I am definitely going to take the Reiki II class...I have every intention of taking the class from you and Bonnie in the spring!" - B. Milano, Level I Student

"Hi!  The balloon procedure worked, and at 0600 she dilated to 2.5cc.  They started her on potosium and plan to break the water at noon.  Both are doing good and baby should be born between 2 and 6 PM..  Thanks again Bob!!" - K.Barnes, following up on a distance healing request

"I have tried healing work on myself way before being attuned and it worked a little but it was an exhausting experience and took forever. Now it all happens like lightning. It works instantly and doesn't take as much effort." - C. Smith, Level I Student

"...I'm doing better than ever.  I've been keeping up my 21 days of attunement with self treatment.  Wow what a great gift you gave me.  I can't thank you enough...I would be very interested in taking the Level II class." - D. Warland, Level I Student

"As for the two of you, I feel that you were the perfect Reiki Masters for me… I know why I haven’t taken it before.  I also enjoyed being part of the small group.  I’ll look forward to taking Level II...either in your studio or at Hospice.  I feel that I have so much to learn and am very excited about it.  I truly appreciate the fact that you offered this wonderful gift to us...The worlds of Hospice and Reiki are better because of each of you..." - M. DeMay, Level I Student

"Thank you both so much for the Reiki training. They just loved it and liked having the opportunity to practice on one another...In the spring, I’d love to have you do Reiki II. I think there are other volunteers who took level I a few years back who would also be interested in going on. You can send Reiki to the past and the future? That’s absolutely fascinating." - Comments from the Volunteer Coordinator following up on a Level I class we gave at Community Hospice

After each class, we offer the students an opportunity to provide feedback via a Class Review Form. Here are some of the recent responses we've received. We're posting these anonymously since we did not specifically request the author's permission prior to their completing the forms...

Question: How would you describe your class experience to a friend?

"I would highly recommend it. I would describe it as peaceful."
- A.C., 10/20/2012 Level I Student

"Very enlightening and interesting"
- Patrick D., 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"Amazing. I would explain that it was a day I will never forget - that the spirit was strong and there was an amazing connection"
- Candee W., 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"An experience worth trying, whether it is something you use just to heal yourself or would like to share with others"
- Christy D., 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"Fantastic and I would recommend it"
- Lynne K, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"Great time"
- Jo S, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

- Al S, 1/28/2102 Level II Student

"Comfortable, safe place to learn and share. Well worth the time spent expanding to the next level"
- Chrissy S, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"Fascinating! I enojjoy hearing about others and their experiences. It's amazing to fell the energy intensified."
- Chasity B, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"It was an extraordinary learning experience that surpassed my expectations"
- Marge K, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"Amazing atmosphere, experience - very relaxed and warm teachers"
- Marlene U, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"Life changing."

"A valuable, detailed history and instruction with hands-on experience of Reiki."


"A powerful gift to share."

"This was a lot more intense than I expected."

"Please do it! Interesting and beneficial for yourselves and others."

"Extremely well done and informative. I had very little knowledge of Reiki at (the) beginning and am leaving with an enormous amount of info to digest and process."

"Excellent. I felt I learned a lot."


"Very good and informative."

"The instructors are fabulous. Extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, giving, loving."

"Very powerful."

"Informed and open to experience."

"Thorough, interesting, relaxing and fun."


"Excellent, clear."


Question: What was the most positive experience you had in this class?

"Gaining Reiki knowledge and a great Reiki session."
- Jamie R., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"Learning to recognize my style of picking up/intuiting in a session."
- Marie C., 02/23/2013 Level II Student

"Conducting Reiki healing on a partner"
- Marie C., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"Giving and receiving Reiki"
- Carolyn B., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"Compassion from the teachers and student doing my treatment."
- name withheld by request, 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"Giving a treatment"
- Adrienne F., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"During hands-on Reiki when Bob told me that I had a strong flow (?) force (?). I can't remember the exact term."
- A.C., 10/20/2012 Level I Student

"Hands on - clearing blockage"
- Cheryl H., 10/20/2012 Level I Student

"Byosen Scanning"
- Paul B., 10/20/2012 LevelI Student

"Giving a session"
- Sybil D., 10/20/2012 Level I Student

"Getting Reiki performed to me, family bonding, getting to become a practitioner"
- Rebecca C., 10/20/2012 Level I Student

"I felt peaceful after my attunement. Also, Bob touched me after he could feel what was going on with my body (my lower back) - pain was no longer there!"
- Christy D., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"Symbols and uses, and of course, the attunements! The book - can't wait to read it and use as a reference."
- Katie G., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"Getting more sense of my guides."
- Patrick D., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"Being attuned."
- Patricia L., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"Getting the attunement"
- Patrick D, 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"Working on the teacher. Feeling the energy of almost a breeze of air as I moved along her body"
- Candee W, 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"Receiving my first Reiki treatment and feeling the difference between practitioners"
- Christy D, 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"Giving healing and receiving attunements"
- Lynne K, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"I feel like I am more open, comfortable and confident with my own healing Thank You! Thank You!"
- Marge K, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"I love that the class was tweaked to meet our desire to share, ask questions, etc..."
- Marlene U, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"I enjoyed learning about the symbols"
- Chasity B, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"Being able to work/practice on real people and expand on new experiences"
- Chrissy S, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"Finding the spot on the person"
- Jo S, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

- Al S, 1/28/2012 Level II Student

"The interaction of Bob and Bonnie in giving the various segments of the course."

"Learning about Reiki from the history to the hands on experience."

"The entire class was positive but the hands on experience was priceless in learning the proper positions."

"Understanding a little of what this is about."

"Impressed with how we as first timers were able to successfully channel energy."

"Everyone was so positive and receptive to learning the course."

"Receiving and practicing a Reiki session."

"Being surrounded by wonderful people."

"Learning and doing Reiki."


"Working together."

"All that I learned - it was great!"

"The meditation - meeting and bonding with my guide. Receiving healing."

"Physical experience."

"The treatment."

"Attunement and giving and receiving healing."

"All was positive."

Question: What improvements would you recommend in the class or in the teachers' presentation?

"Nothing. It was great."
- Adrienne F., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

- Carolyn B., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"I don't think any improvements are needed."
- Jamie R., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"Field trip to participate in a Reiki share or some other opportunity to continue our practice in service in some way"
- Marie C., 20/23/2013 Level II Student

"More hands on and practice of hand positions"
- Marie C., 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"How to handle various reactions of clients"
- name withheld by request, 02/16/2013 Level I Student

"Being able to pick up the manual and review it before class was a great help. I felt guilty over the generosity of the snacks, manuals, supplies, etc. It almost seems that it is costing you money to spread this gift to us. Although I do the same thing with my crafting so I understand the joy it brings."
-A.C., 10/20/2102 Level I Student

"More shares or workshops in this location!"
- Christy D., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"You cannot improve on perfection!"
- Patricia L., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"I think it is great!"
- Patrick D., 10/21/2012 Level II Student

"Nothing - you guys are awesome"
- Patrick D, 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"None at all"
- Candee W, 4/29/2012 Level I Student

"Nothing. I can't wait to take Level II and come to a Reiki Share"
- Christy D, 4/29/2012 Level I Student