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What can Reiki do?
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What can Reiki do?

What can be treated in a Reiki session?

Reiki can be used to provide healing energy for any good intention.  This energy can provide pain relief, emotional calming, mental clarity, and is often used to complement traditional medicine or psychological treatment to enhance their effectiveness.

Reiki can ease both physical and mental distress, and can be used to help achieve good intentions as well, such as smoking cessation, relief from substance abuse addictions, or weight loss.  In simplest terms, Reiki's treatments focus a client's energy for the greater good and this can have an impact on all parts of their life.  Many hospitals have now added Reiki treatments to the patient care regimens they offer and healthcare professionals can receive continuing education units for Reiki training.

Reiki is also very appropriate to use in Hospice care to help ease the patient's suffering as well as to help relieve any anxiety or fear.  Reiki can provide strength and healing for volunteers, caregivers, and family members, as well as providing bereavement support for survivors of the loss of a loved one.

Distant Reiki can be sent to people who are not present or to situations in need of healing by properly trained and attuned Reiki practitioners.  Animals can also be treated with Reiki, and Reiki energy cna be infused into objects.  reiki is a universal holistic healing system that is appropriate for any situation where help is needed.